GP of the year nominations – who are they?

Dr Lesley Sunderland and Dr Krishna Kasaraneni are among nine GPs who have been nominated for the Primary Care GP of the Year Award.

The award, which will be judged by the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), celebrates the work of GPs promoting integration while delivering excellent patient care.

Dr Sunderland of Street Lane Medical Practice has been nominated for her role in a community dermatology service, which provides care for 2,000 patients a week. Dr Kasaraneni, of Crown Street Surgery, has been recognised for providing equipment to manage blood pressure.

Speaking about his work, Dr Kasaraneni said: “Being a GP involves the responsibility of planning the care of the patient as a lifestyle, rather than just solving a single problem set in front of me.

“This responsibility is what drew me to becoming a GP, and the variety of situations that I see is great.”

Dr Sunderland and Dr Kasaraneni are nominated alongside the following practitioners:

-Dr Waqaar Shah – Chatfield Healthcare

-Dr Arun Gupta – South Lewisham group practice

-Dr John Ribchester – Whitstable medical practice

-Dr Clare Whitney and Dr Angus Venters – Broadford medical practice

-Dr Faizan Ahmed – Moss side centre

-Dr Peter Miles – Dr Miles and partner

-Dr Krishna Subbarayan – Sherard road medical practice

The results for the GP of the Year Award will be announced at the inaugural Primary Care Awards taking place on Thursday 9 October at the Double Tree Hilton, Tower of London.

A spokesperson for the NAPC, one of the judging organisations, said the judges werelooking for somebody who is managing the transition from 20th to 21st century. The craft of general practice is vibrant and must be able to develop.”

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