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  • Asthma: facts and figures

    Asthma: facts and figures

    So far this week we’ve discussed advanced screening and the future of asthma treatment. Join us today as we’ll be talking facts and figures

  • Asthma: further prevention

    Asthma: further prevention

    Screening allows for more targeted treatment, but the future of asthma prevention and management is still very hard to predict

  • Breathe easy

    Breathe easy

    Genetic screening for asthma could help prevent attacks, but we are not quite there yet

  • Dry eye syndrome

    Dry eye syndrome

    Dry eye syndrome describes the state in which tears are not produced or retained for sufficient time to keep the eyes lubricated

  • Easy on the eyes

    Easy on the eyes

    Allergic conjunctivitis and dry eye caused by hay fever can cause major discomfort for patients during the summer months