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  • CCG constitutions: a helping hand

    CCG constitutions: a helping hand

    So far this week, we’ve talked about constitutions as important legal documents. Join us today as we’ll be discussing amending them to reflect co-commissioning arrangements

  • CCG constitutions

    CCG constitutions

    These legal documents don't make for light reading, but they have an important role in setting out rules that a clinical commissioning group should operate by

  • A strong constitution

    A strong constitution

    CCG constitutions are important legal documents. But to remain flexible and relevant to changes in CCG powers, they need to be reviewed and updated regularly

  • Housing humility: housing in care

    So far this week, we talked about the importance of housing organisations in the prevention of ill health. Join us today as we’ll be sharing some case studies from around the country

  • Housing humility: joint care values

    So far this week we’ve discussed the importance of linking housing organisations to healthcare. Join us today as we’ll be talking about joint care values