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Primary Care Today News

  • changingnhs.com

    BMA scheme to bring MPs into practices

    GPs are to invite MPs into their practices to take a look at the impact of NHS reforms. The scheme is one of a series of initiatives launched today by the BMA.

  • Dr Mark Porter, BMA Chair of Council

    Queen’s Speech disappoints

    Plans to restrict immigration are at the heart of the government’s planned new laws, set out by the Queen at the State Opening of Parliament.

  • Ruth Thorlby

    GPs keen to influence public health but …

    GPs may lose opportunities to improve public health unless public health professionals work closely with GP communities and clinical commissioning groups, finds a just published report from the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC).

  • Parkinson’s – let’s change perceptions

    Portraits of 130 Parkinson’s heroes are on sale to help fund research into Parkinson’s Disease. Painted by Timothy Cumming the contemporary portraits from the “Facing the Light” exhibition, show portraits of people with Parkinson’s, carers, medics, activists and supporters.

  • Jeremy Hunt

    Online records to drive “zero harm” and health research

    The NHS must get its values right with staff that have more care and compassion for patients following on from the Francis Report, said Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. In a key speech given at the Healthcare Innovation Expo in London, Hunt said “real time information” and “a paperless NHS” will help to make a “zero harm NHS a priority.”

  • …the biggest challenge facing dementia is?

    What, in your view, is the biggest single challenge facing dementia, and/or the provision of dementia services, at the moment and what outcome would you like to see achieved?

  • Rick Stern, Chief Executive of the NHS Alliance

    NHS must change culture after Mid Staffs

    The NHS must make fundamental changes to the way it operates or the public will lose all confidence in it, said Robert Francis QC, Chairman of the public inquiry into the failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.

  • Health Secretary. Jeremy Hunt

    Hunt – let’s go paperless by 2018

    Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is due to launch plans for a “paperless NHS” in which patients and the health and social care services involved in their care can access patient records online. The ambition is to go paperless by 2018.

  • Cllr David Rogers

    Housing link improves lives, cuts health spend

    People’s lives change for the better when housing associations and their support workers are involved in aftercare decisions with councils and local hospitals, finds a report just published by the National Housing Federation.