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Patients and PPI

  • Pay £10 a month for the NHS?

    A £10 a month membership fee for using the NHS should be charged to people with the exception of those receiving free prescriptions, finds a report co-authored by Lord Norman Warner.

  • Martin Caldwell, UK campaigner for SumOfUs.org

    Consumer groups applaud NHS for delay in care.data

    250,000 SumOfUs.org members demanded Jeremy Hunt and the NHS ‘stop the sale of personal medical information immediately’ and NHS England has responded with plans to delay the system for six months while it sharpens its focus on better informing patients and the public of their rights to opt out and what the new system will involve for them.

  • Make a pledge for NHS change Day

    NHS Change Day is inviting staff from all parts of the NHS and patients and the public to get involved in the biggest day for collective action in the history of the NHS – NHS Change Day 2014.

  • Sir David Nicholson, Chief Executive, NHS England

    Transforming patient participation

    NHS England is launching a series of initiatives all aimed at helping commissioners to work with patients to transform patient and public participation on both the individual and public level.

  • Public’s comments will change the NHS

    The NHS “is putting the patient voice irrevocably into the mainstream of its activities,” said Tim Kelsey (pictured), NHS England’s National Director for Patients and Information.